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Kritter Kutz is a Pet Grooming Salon founded by 10 year plus Groomer Jennifer Cooper. Jennifer was trained locally and has worked in the Locust Grove area during her entire career. Serving Owners of Dogs and Cats her philosophy is "No Size or Breed of Dog or Cat will be turned away!"

​While working in Pet Grooming we have discovered that not all groomers are willing to accept all Breeds or Sized Dogs and Cats. At Kritter Kutz Jennifer's philosophy allows ALL pet owners to have one place to get thier pets cleaned and groomed without being turned away. Breed and Size restrictions, we feel, are wrong so all Dogs and Cats will always be welcome. Also we proudly accept "problem" Dogs and Cats or "Bad" Pets, we feel that all Pets deserve a chance and we are willing to work with ANY Dog or Cat no matter how skittish or unruley.

At Kritter Kutz we strive to please the customer. We are up to date on all the traditional styles and modern cuts. We are always looking at trends in pet grooming and will honestly advise our customers on which styles will work and won't work based on thier pets condition and coat. Further more if we agree on a style or cut and are unable to produce the desired results we will ALWAYS contact our customer advising them of the status and what changes we recommend to satisfy the owner and still keep thier pets looking great.

So rest assured that when at Kritter Kutz your pets are in good hands, with a professional groomer of eight years. We love our job and take great pride in our work making our customers, two and four legged, happy and feeling better everyday. We also strive to meet or best almost any competitor's prices, and we know we can beat thier quality and service.

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"They both look amazing! I know the big one can be a handful, so props for dealing with her haha. Miles and Zara smell amazing and look so cute! thanks again. Can’t wait to come back!!

Tia Newman

Facebook Review June 2019

"Amazing staff they really do an exceptional job, their amazing with all animals they treat them with so much love and care. My Roxie girl was taken very good care of without a doubt. Definitely be going back without a doubt."

Dillon Monarch

Google Review May 2019



Open 8 am

All appointments are set between 8am and 10am, unless otherwise arranged with staff. PLEASE call at least 24 hours in advance to set an appointment. We MAY be able to arrange a walk in, but please call in advance to confirm space is open.




6965 HWY 42S SUITE 129
Locust Grove GA 30243


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