The Archer-Journey Project

We have set aside the 3rd Monday of every month to offer low cost grooming to people who could not otherwise afford to have their pets regularly groomed. In addition we volunteer our services to help shelter and rescue dogs find homes faster.

These are just a few images of the Archer-Journey and shelter dogs we offer low cost grooming for and volunteer to help find homes.

We do this because we love animals, and sometimes we when we can help them find a new home we will volunteer our services to local shelters and rescue organizations. The images above are just a few of the rescues that have come to us from Henry County and Butts County Animal Control and Rescue. In addition we have started to set aside one day per month to help pets in low income homes by starting the Archer Journey Project. The Archer Journey Project is set on the 3rd Monday of every month and we offer our services to low income households at a greatly reduced rate. We have at times received donations covering the full cost of the grooming of these pets by our very generous customers and friends of animals willing to help the animals and families in the local area. We do all we can to help these dogs or cats to look their best so they have a better quality of life or a better chance at finding a forever home. Please check back and view any future rescues and let someone who would like a good pet know about these unfortunate fur-babies. Maybe they can make someones life complete.

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Open 8 am

All appointments are set between 8am and 10am, unless otherwise arranged with staff. PLEASE call at least 24 hours in advance to set an appointment. We MAY be able to arrange a walk in, but please call in advance to confirm space is open.




6965 HWY 42S SUITE 129
Locust Grove GA 30243


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