Meet Our Friendly Staff

Meet Jennifer

​Jennifer is the Owner and Head Groomer of our groom shop. She has been grooming since 2004 and refuses to turn away any Dog or Cat regardless of Size or Breed.

Meet Jo

Jo is the daughter of our owner Jennifer. She graduated from Jackson High School in '14, and has been a full time Vet-Tech and part time groomer since she graduated high school

Meet Chase

Chase is Rhonda's son and has been grooming for about 5 years. He is a part time groomer. He loves all animals and his new motorcycle.

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Meet Tom

Tom is the Co-Owner/Manager. He has been assisting with grooms for years now. While not being a Groomer, he keeps the shop moving and is here to help the customers and groomers.

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda is a long time groomer and a very experienced professional. She has groomed locally for about 15 years prior to joining our team.

Meet Kristen

Kristen began grooming with Jennifer a few years ago. She has worked in the area every since and is a part time groomer and full time Mommy.



Open 8 am

All appointments are set between 8am and 10am, unless otherwise arranged with staff. PLEASE call at least 24 hours in advance to set an appointment. We MAY be able to arrange a walk in, but please call in advance to confirm space is open.




6965 HWY 42S SUITE 129
Locust Grove GA 30243


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